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The Public AI Award for brilliant failures

Briljante mislukkingen
Applying artificial intelligence (AI) in the governmental sector doesn’t always work right first time. And those misfires cost money, time and effort. Those are the costs of failure. If you don’t discuss what happened, you lose out on the potential gains from failures: new knowledge, new experience and a better starting point for future projects.

In order to maximise the returns from AI missteps, the Public Services working group of the NL AIC, together with the Ministry of the Interior, the manifesto parties and the Institute for Brilliant Failures, is organising the Public AI Award for the most brilliant failure in the public sector.

If you are working with AI in the public sector and have valuable lessons to share, join in and win brilliant prizes! You’ll also be helping the development of AI within the public sector, of course. If you want to put yourself forward or would like to know more, you can do that through this link.


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