Popular AI course now also available in the Netherlands

Published on: 23 March 2021

AI is playing an increasingly important role in our work. This technology is developing rapidly in all sectors, from culture to healthcare and from engineering to education. But AI is also becoming more and more prominent in our private lives. This increases the need to learn more about AI.

The NL AIC and TU Delft support the development of AI education in all sectors in the Netherlands and find it important that basic information and knowledge about AI, the application of AI and possible consequences of AI are accessible to everyone. Therefore, they have joined forces and made the Elements of AI course available in the Netherlands.

Elements of AI offers solid basic knowledge of AI and is suitable for everyone who is interested in AI. The course does not require complex maths or programming skills, which makes it accessible for non-experts.

About the course

Elements of AI consists of six chapters and covers various aspects of AI, including the basic definitions, neural networks, machine learning and the societal implications of AI.The participant can set his or her own pace and will receive a certificate upon completion.

movie about the experience of 3 students (Dutch only)


TU Delft and the NL AIC are working together to make the course available in the Netherlands. Researchers from TU Delft moderate the course and answer participants’ questions together with student assistants in computer science.

Katja van Kranenburg, chair of the Human Capital working group of the Netherlands AI Coalition: “AI is changing our work and our society. By investing in AI, we can grow as a country and strengthen our position. The coalition finds it important to stimulate AI expertise in the Netherlands. The development and availability of AI courses and training is part of this. Elements of AI is a course from which everyone, regardless of the sector in which they work, but also students and jobseekers, can benefit greatly”.

Catholijn Jonker, Professor of Interactive Intelligence at TU Delft: “With the rise of AI, more and more tasks are shifting to intelligent machines. But we humans are developing too. In this co-evolution of man and machine, it is up to us to give direction to the development of these machines, and thus to our own development as well. Broad education and training are indispensable, and therefore we support the Elements of AI course wholeheartedly”.

The course was designed by the University of Helsinki in cooperation with the technology company Reaktor and was funded by the Finnish government. With support from the European Commission, other Europeans can now also take the course in their own language.

More information

For more information and sign up go to www.elementsofai.nl.

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