Webinar ‘Lifelong Development & Digitization


29 May 2024


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New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are going to bring about a major change within organizations. How do you, as an organization, make sure you don’t lag behind these developments, and how do you enthuse your employees to learn more about them? What is the impact of these developments on the future of our work and especially what does this require (digital) skills from our employees?

The webinar is meant for HR managers and employers, who want to (better) use the opportunities of new technologies, such as AI, within their organization. It provides insight into these questions and offers concrete tools that you, and your employees, can work with afterwards.

This online meeting is freely accessible. After registration you will receive a confirmation via the online platform of ECP. The webinar is in Dutch.

More information about the workgroup can be found on this page.

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