Webinar kick-off working group Port and Maritime


15 July 2024



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The port-maritime-sector in the Netherlands is globally competitive and an important driver of the Dutch economy. It is important that the sector is autonomously able to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and further develop the necessary knowledge and skills in this field. The working group’s ambition for the next five years is to boost the development of data licensing and AI in the port-maritime domain. Among other things by maintaining good contacts with the sector, developing a vision and strategy for common challenges, and supporting promising propositions. The Municipality of Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter, Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), TU Delft and the Port of Rotterdam have made a first start. Together with the participants of the NL AIC, they want to take the next steps in the coming period. These topics will be discussed during the webinar:

– In which areas does the working group intend to play a role for the sector.

– The strategic framework (which developments does the workgroup want to stimulate).

– What role does the working group envisage, and what role can participants play?

Are you already a participant of the Dutch AI Coalition? Be welcome to join. Not yet a participant, but curious? The first session is freely accessible. The webinar is hosted by ECP. The webinar is in Dutch.

For more information about the workgroup, please consult this page.


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