Webinar kick-off working group Agriculture and Nutrition


19 June 2024


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has an impact in the sector in several areas. On a farm, for example, AI can be used for decision support systems. When consuming food, AI can help to provide advanced advice based on individual consumer backgrounds. AI is expected to have an impact on the efficiency and sustainability of food systems and floriculture. These opportunities to apply AI also bring societal challenges. Think of the protection of the privacy of consumers and the shift of employment by more autonomously operating systems that can replace heavy labor.

Working group

Participants of the NL AIC will work within the working group to identify these opportunities and challenges together with the chair working group, so that concrete plans for the application of AI can be developed.


During the webinar the proposal from the NL AIC will be briefly explained. Six themes have been identified. During the kick-off, two themes from the overview below will be further explained:

– AgroFoodRobotics

– Autonomous Greenhouse

– SmartFarming

– SmartBreeding

– Personalized Nutrition

– Food Processing

In addition to these themes, the meeting will focus on cross-domain working groups of the NL AIC in which the working group Agriculture and Nutrition participates. The first session is free accessible. The webinar is hosted by ECP. The webinar is in Dutch.

For more information about the working group you can consult this page.

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