Hackathon – Create a Zero CO2 Future


18 June 2024


AI Innovation Center, High Tech Campus 5, Eindhoven

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Collaborate on creating a digital solution for early-stage building design focused on low-carbon alternatives in the residential sector. CRH and the Innovation Center for Sustainable Construction (iCSC), consider sustainability as a fundamental strategic imperative for the company. Their vision is to develop solutions that build, connect and improve our world. Since the construction sector is responsible for about 40% of CO2 emissions, two challenges are presented that aim to address the existing construction sector and provide clients with sustainable solutions.

Digital Solution Hackathon

Dedicated to students, digital product designers, developers, engineers, and those in the Architecture and Construction, and Engineering sectors.

Why participate?

Participating in this hackathon is an exciting and unique opportunity for students, digital product designers, developers, engineers and people in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering sectors to make a real impact. CRH needs your help in addressing the urgent environmental challenge in construction: reducing carbon emissions. The digital solution enables architects and construction companies to design carbon-free buildings and cities.

The challenge is to create Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), guided by designers and coaches from CRH and iCSC, who will ensure that you are fully supported in this journey.

One week prior to this hackathon, a webinar will be offered with all the information and required data so that you have all the time you need to build an MVP.

Do you want:

  • Tackling a real environmental problem
  • Gain recognition and prominence from a world leader in building materials
  • Expand your network and connect with industry professionals
  • Getting the opportunity to work with two major companies to develop AI tools
  • Get a chance to win 1,000 euros

Then read all the information on the website, or sign up.

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