AI and Ethics: The Key to a Successful Human-AI Relation


29 May 2024


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Citizens, the government and industry are on a daily basis assisted by artificial intelligence. With the accelerated adoption and continuous development, we need to be aware of the risks and protect but not block development. But what does it entail and how do we ensure ethics and responsibility are incorporated in algorithms? How can companies make that assessment in the development but also deployment of AI tools?

In this session thought leaders and industry experts from Singapore and the Netherlands will share their vision in this domain. While small in size, Singapore and the Netherlands have created a lot of positive impact in the global AI domain. We will touch upon the role of ethics in AI development and deployment, how to assess whether AI tools are hitting the mark and what the most common pitfalls are.

Presented by: Netherlands AI Coalition, SGInnovate, Netherlands Innovation Network, and NTU: Institute for Science and Technology for Humanity.


  • Prof Peter-Paul Verbeek, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy of Technology and Co-Director of the DesignLab, University of Twente, and Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Expert
  • Dr Chong Yoke Sin, Managing Partner, iGlobe Partners and Chairperson, AI Ethics & Governance Steering Committee of Singapore
  • Dr David Hardoon, Senior Advisor for Data and Artificial Intelligence, UnionBank Philippines
  • Marcus Bartley Johns, Asia Regional Director, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Microsoft

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