ICAI Deep-Dive Data Series II: Public Data Application


21 July 2024


Hybrid - University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Science Park 904)

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On 29 June 2022, ICAI will host a hybrid event on Public Data Application.

Using Public and Closed Data to Catch Criminals

The National Police Lab AI is a collaboration between the National Police, University Utrecht and University of Amsterdam. The lab is consisting of over 15 people and growing. In the lab there are three main streams of research: data-driven and deep learning based methods plus knowledge driven techniques to bring in the domain specifics and simulations to make predictions. In this ICAI Deep-Dive session the different research areas will be elaborated as well as the reliance on data, and the ways of working in the lab where the whole chain from fundamental research will be covered through applied research and on to deployment in the operation.


  • 13.00 hr: Opening
  • 13:03 hr: Using Public and Closed Data to Catch Criminals by Marcel Worring (Police Lab AI Amsterdam, UvA)
  • 13:16 hr: Q&A
    • How is police research different from regular university research?
    • How to make the results trustworthy?
    • How to make the results explainable?
  • 13.30 hr: Introduction ILUSTRE Lab by Renato Calzone (JADS)
  • 13.35 hr: Public data application on the energy usage recommendation system by Martijn Willemsen (TU Eindhoven, JADS)
  • 13.45 hr: Q&A
  • 14.00 hr: Einde


Please click here for more information about the event. If you want to participate on-site at the University of Amsterdam (room will be announced later) register here. For participation online please click here.

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