AI is a generic technology that is ultimately applicable in all sectors. For the development of knowledge and experience in the use of AI in the Netherlands, it is essential to focus on specific industries that are relevant to our country. These industries can achieve excellent results, and knowledge and experience are extended for application in other sectors.

All sectors:


    Marnix Krikke

    Chair working group Port and Maritime

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    Port and Maritime

    The port/maritime sector in the Netherlands is competitive on a global scale and an essential driver of the Dutch economy. The technological applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this sector are pervasive. The urgency for the Dutch port/maritime industry to remain digitally at the forefront is therefore enormous. On the one hand, opportunities for international cooperation are expected; on the other hand, there is fierce competition. Consequently, it is vital that the sector is autonomously able to apply state-of-the-art AI technology and further develop the necessary knowledge and skills in this field.

    Working group

    The working group’s ambition for the next five years is to speed up the sector as a whole on the themes of data licensing and AI. That is done by developing a vision and strategy for everyday challenges, by achieving benefits through coordination of various initiatives and by approaching the central government as a partner and co-investor in a joint implementation plan. The working group will elaborate on its vision and strategy along the axes of substantive sectors and common challenges in an implementation plan.

    The most important application areas are Smart transport (Smart Shipping & Smart Mobility), Supply chain optimisation (Smart Logistics), Asset management, Manufacturing (Smart Manufacturing) and Energy & Sustainability.

    The common challenges here are:

    • Cross-chain collaboration: in digitisation, cooperation across the borders of existing organisations is crucial to be impactful;
    • Baseline IT & Digital: organisations that want to use AI as technology must have reached a certain baseline level when it comes to their internal IT infrastructure and knowledge;
    • Human capital: talent is needed for the implementation of AI and the underlying infrastructure.

    Within the implementation plan, initiatives of great importance to the entire Dutch port/maritime sector are heavily supported and developed into public-private investment propositions.

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