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eConowind is using AI to make turbosails even more efficient

Jean Jacques Cousteau (the French marine researcher, film-maker and environmentalist who died in 1997) applied (...)

European AI Landscape with a new selection of promising Dutch AI startups

The new selection of the most promising Dutch AI startups in the European AI Startup (...)

AiNed MIT AI call for SME AI projects starting

This arrangement is supported by the AiNed programme that has been developed by the Netherlands (...)

Deeploy: using AI for more efficient working methods for mental healthcare providers

Anyone in the Netherlands who has mental health problems and is seeking help currently needs (...)

AppBakkers is developing an AI system that focuses on the human heart

There are all kinds of heart complaints. The vast majority of people who are currently (...)

Difficult maintenance tasks? Supplai sends drones with AI on inspection flights

Inspecting bridges, wind turbines, factories and high-voltage pylons can be quite a challenge for human (...)

Challenge: AI for Damage Inspection of Bridges and Dams

Aging infrastructure is becoming an increasing problem all around the world. Traffic volumes have risen (...)

Presentation European AI Landscape with selection of most promising Dutch AI startups

Innovation made in The Netherlands and Norway During today’s launch event 127 new Dutch AI (...)

AI startups: put yourself on the map!

Ambition of the initiative Existing organizations are able to search a centralized database for AI (...)