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Join the upcoming Xomnia Connects event on 12 October 2023 at 17:30. During the event you’ll get a deeper look at the journey of insurer ABN AMRO Verzekeringen towards a data-driven way of working. Furthermore, you’ll gather ideas on where to start with capitalizing on your organization’s data and how to turn it into value-generating impact – from setting strategies all the way to developing a data platform that generates commercial value from data.

From data strategy to data-driven solutions
Listen to Xomnia’s Lead Analytics Translator Jasper Küller and Product Owners Eric Schotman & Michelle Linssen from ABN AMRO Verzekeringen. They will reflect on the concept of data strategy, and share insights on creating data capabilities (teams, infrastructure, governance, culture). They will also discuss the challenges and best practices for developing data-driven solutions, including defining top value-deriving use cases and building a data science platform from scratch using Azure ML.

Learn from experts and discover the benefits of a data-driven approach to business growth. Discover the pains and gains of the data driven journey, and the main lessons that have been learned along the way.

  • Talk 1 – Jasper Küller: Introducing the use case, what we did at AAV
  • Talk 2 – Michelle & Eric: implementation and how AAV took off on its own following the end of the partnership with Xomnia

About our speakers

  • Jasper Küller – Lead Analytics Translator at Xomnia. Likes to geek out on the business aspects of DS/AI challenges. Balances digital life with analog hobbies like motorcycles and martial arts. He currently serves as the Interim Data Lead @ ABN AMRO Verzekeringen.
  • Michelle Linssen – Michelle is the Product Owner Data Business at ABN AMRO Verzekeringen. She started as a Data Scientist at VGZ (including the innovation team) and has grown into the role of Product Owner to bridge the gap between IT/data and the business. In February, she made the switch to ABN AMRO Verzekeringen.
  • Eric Schotman – Eric is currently the Product Owner Data Particulier at ABN AMRO Verzekeringen. He has an MSc in Business Process Management IT & Data Science and is currently pursuing his Executive Master of Finance and Control. He has previously worked as the Business Manager to the CEO and as a second-line Risk Manager. He alos published a paper on algorithmic decision-making and explainability within the insurance market.

17:30 – 18:30: Walk-ins, welcome food and drinks
18:30 – 18:35: Introduction
18:35 – 19:05: Presentation by Jasper Küller
19:05 – 19:35: Presentation by Eric Schotman & Michelle Linssen
19:35 – 22:00: Networking borrel

Xomnia, Raamstraat 7, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL, 1016 XL

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